# Fees & Royalties

Versum believes that creators should receive royalties, and enforces collection of the royalties when purchased through its contracts via on-chain mechanisms which validate that the royalties match what was defined when the tokens or collections were first created, and it only displays sales listings from other platforms that also enforce royalties.

# Royalties

When you purchase NFTs that are listed on the Versum marketplace, any royalty amount set by the creator is deducted from the sales price and transferred to the royalty address(es) specified by the creator. This royalty amount is included in the purchase price. Royalty amounts and the beneficiaries are shown on the token details page, and typically vary between 0% - 25%.

Note: If you're listing an NFT for re-sale, the royalty amount and platform fee will be deducted from the list price, so you won't received the full amount that the sales price is set to.

# Marketplace fees

In addition to the royalty amount, 2.5% of the purchase price is also deducted from the listing price as a fee which supports the development of the Versum ecosystem.

To support the Tezos ecosystem, sales listings from other marketplaces are also shown. When you purchase NFTs from those listings, you will directly interact with the specific marketplace's marketplace contract, which deduct their own fees. Versum does not deduct any additional fee to purchase from these marketplaces.

  • Objkt.com - 2.5%
  • TEIA - 0%
  • hicetnunc - 1%