# Timed swaps

# What is a Timed Swap?

A timed-limited swap allows you to create a fixed sales price for your token for a limited period, after which that price is no longer available. Buyers are incentivised to buy the token within the time limit to take advantage of a short buying opportunity.

# How do I list my token at with a time-limited swap?

You can sell tokens you have minted or tokens you have bought from other creators at a fixed price and a time limit before sales end. This is done using Versum's Timed Swap sales listing. When logged into Versum, navigate to the token you want to sell from your profile, then:

  1. Navigate to the token's Market tab
  2. Click "Create Swap"
  3. Select "Time-limited"
  4. Enter the quantity of tokens to sell (if applicable)
  5. Select the currency ("Tezos")
  6. Enter the price
  7. Enter the time in hours
  8. Click Confirm
  9. Confirm the swap in your Wallet

# How do I see what tokens I have listed for sale?

Access your Dashboard to see all your active swaps.

# How do I cancel the sales listing?

You can cancel individual swaps on the Market tab for the token in question. You can also cancel multiple swaps at the same time from your Dashboard.

  1. Navigate to your dashboard
  2. Check all the boxes against the token(s) you wish to cancel the sales listings for
  3. Click "Cancel Selected" button at the bottom of the table
  4. Confirm the cancellation in your Wallet

# How do I change the price or duration of my sales listing?

In order to amernd the price or duration of a timed swap, you will have to cancel the sales listing and create a new swap.

# What happens when a timed swap finishes?

If there is a buyer before the timed swap ends, then the token is exchanged for the buyer's tezos and it is sent to the buyer.

If there's no buyer, then the seller has to press the "Complete swap" button on the token page or their dashboard to remove it.