# Materia

Materia (MTRIA) is Versum's utility token. As a participant of the Tezos community, you are eligible to receive Materia. The amount is calculated based on your historic activity.

Historic activity is processed daily. There will be times when you won't have new Materia to claim because those transactions were already included as part of a previous calculation and allocation to you, or because our processing hasn't got to your transactions yet.

# How to claim Materia

Connecting your wallet to Versum for the very first time, you will be prompted with an onboard screen. You can claim Materia directly from the onboard screen, or later from the Settings / Account section.

# Airdrops

Materia is airdropped regularly to users based on their activity.

# Using Materia

Currently Materia is required to mint new tokens, and 0.01 Materia will be deducted from your balance and burned.