# Minting

# I'm a new user to Versum. Can I mint straight away?

In order to mint, you first need to be verified. This is a measure designed to help protect artists from copyminters. For more details, please view our verification help pages.

In addition, there is a cost of 0.01 Materia to mint. You can find out more information on Materia here.

# What type of tokens can I mint?

We regularly review which formats to include. For launch, we've opted for file types that are compatible cross-browser.

You are able to mint:

  • images (.png, jpg, .gif)
  • videos (.mp4, .ogg)
  • audio (.mp3, .wav)
  • vector (.svg)
  • PDF (.pdf)
  • 3D files (.glb)
  • web - upload the folder containing the project files in .html, .js etc format (no zip required)
  • generative tokens (coming soon).

# What information is needed to mint?

The following information is needed when minting:

  • Title - should be a UTF-8 string giving a "display name" to the token
  • Description - General notes, abstract or summary about the contents of the token
  • Asset files (images, videos etc.) - the assets to mint
  • Tags - A comma-separated list of tags that describe the token subject or content
  • Creators - The primary person, people, or organization(s) responsible for creating the intellectual content of the asset
  • Photosensitive seizure warning - Indicates that there is content in the publication that flashes more than three times a second or that the flashing is below the general flash and red flash thresholds.
  • License - Type of license for this NFT (stored on-chain)
  • Editions - The number of editions to be minted
  • Royalties - The percentage of royalties to be received on every sale.
  • Royalty splits - You can choose additional wallets to split royalties revenue.

# Cover images

When you upload an music NFT, you will be able to also upload a cover image or video to be displayed on the item page once minted.

# What types of licenses are available?

You can use the following licenses from Creative Commons:

  • Creative Commons Zero v1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0)
  • Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)
  • Attribution-ShareALike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0)
  • Custom license - you can specify your own user license that restricts or permits what the buyer of the NFT or viewer of the image can do with it
  • No license - the general copyright laws of your country apply, and no additional permissions are granted to buyers of the NFT. Sometimes known as "All Rights Reserved".

# What's the maximum filesize that can be minted?

The maximum is currently 100 MB

# What royalties can be specified?

You can choose between: 0%, 5%, 10%, 15%, 20% and 25%.

# Are there any restrictions on how many collaborators I can nominate on my mint?

There's no limit.

# What tags should I use?

Tags can be used for filtering and discovery on Versum's Explore page. Add things like the style (e.g. painting, photography, abstract), colour (blue, yellow, monochrome), or content (cats, robots).

Tags are not case sensitive. Take care to spell them correctly, as they're saved permanently in the token metadata.

# How can I share the proceeds with another wallet, for example for a fundraiser?

While minting, use the Royalties Split section to assign what percentage of the revenue is sent to which address. By default 100% goes to you, the minter, but you can divide this among multiple wallets. It is also possible to send 100% to another wallet, simply by changing the initial Split address. The percentage applies both to Primary sales as well as the royalties on secondary sales.

Please note that for this percentage split to work on Primary sales, you need to swap on Versum, otherwise it will only affect Secondary sales.