# Offers

# How do I make an offer on a token on Versum?

On the token page, click "Make offer" and input the amount you wish to offer in tezos.

# How do I accept an offer made on a token on Versum?

When an offer is made on a token if you own at least one, you can see the offer on your Dashboard. You can click the "Accept offer" button.

# How do I withdraw an offer?

You can cancel the offer on the token's Market tab or via your Dashboard.

# How do I amend how much I want to offer?

In order to amernd the offer amount, you will have to cancel the offer and create a new one.

# Which marketplaces' offers are shown on Versum?

In addition to Versum offers, the offer dashboard also displays offers data from additional Tezos marketplaces, and allows you to accept the offer from them directly: