# Market

# How can tokens be traded?

You can conduct swaps, auctions, and offers.

Swaps — There are three types of swaps — simple, time-limited and advanced. Simple swaps are always sold at the same price, time-limited swaps have a fixed price and a set duration, and advanced swaps have a defined start price and end price, and a price that automatically adjusts based on how many tokens are left.

Auctions — A token goes up for auction with a minimum purchase price (in XTZ or FA2) and a duration (in hours).

Offers — When an offer is made on a token any collector who has that token receives a notification asking if they would like to sell this token (in XTZ or FA2). The token owner can accept that offer only if they are holding it (i.e. it's not on swap or auction).

# What collections can I trade on Versum?

See https://versum.xyz/collections for the full list of collections. Any tokens listed here can be traded on Versum.

Versum also displays listings data for these collections that were made on other Tezos marketplaces including TEIA and objkt.com, and lets you to purchase these directly on Versum:

# What currency can I use to purchase a token?

Tokens can currently only be purchased with tezos (XTZ).